Marriage and Wine: Recipe to Longevity

Marriage and Wine: Recipe to LongevityWant to live long, then drink a glass of wine daily in night, and also get married. This forms to be conclusion of research, which stated that healthy people lives longer so do the moderate drinkers.

Lead researcher, Carolyn Aldwin, who is professor in Oregon State University, has warned that being a teetotaler and to be chain smoker is not good for the health, and they are anti-humans.

The research that got published in the journal of Aging has revealed that majority of people, who are above 50 face lot of anxiety and pressure, and henceforth they are at great risk of mortality. So, to avoid stress, it is better to get married, and share concerns with life partner, and also do not forget to have a glass of wine, said Aldwin.

Major effect of stress is being is witnessed in men, and their inability to overcome the stress costs their lives. Some of the major stress causing factors that was found in men was death of spouse, early retirement, inability to enjoy sex and, many more.

Aldwin said she has to alter the stress events as per the age, as there could be several reasons for youth to get stressed out, but for middle aged and elderly people, they are some peculiar reasons. She affirmed, "I modified the stress measure to reflect the kinds of stress that we know impacts us more as we age, and even we were surprised at how strong the correlation between stress trajectories and mortality was".

And, this is the reason that her study is different from others, as mostly, researchers take youth as their subject in such kind of studies. She spent as much as 18 years to reach at the conclusion, from 1985 to 2003 and assessed
1000 people, both middle aged and elderly.