Skimpy Women Face Difficulty While Conceiving

Skimpy Women Face Difficulty While ConceivingEverything in excess is bad. Researcher Richard Sherbahn, who is a fertility specialist, was of the view that stressing on the harms of being fat clearly shows researchers and other science experts have overlooked the potential harms of being underweight.

In his research, he has showed that women, who boast of being `size zero' have less chances to conceive. It is a big warning for those teenager girls, who do strict dieting to maintain their figures, and to remain skimpy.

To reach at conclusion, Richard, who works in Chicago's Advanced Fertility Centre, assessed almost 2,500 cases of IVF, which was taken out in the same clinic. All women did not match as per weight, so three different categories were made very thin, normal and obese.

Evaluation found that skimpy women were at greatest risk, as only 34% of them conceived, while 50% of normal weight women got pregnant and 45% of obese women with excessively obese women also conceived. The comparison shows slim girls face the maximum difficulties in order to conceive.

Richard revealed that there was no problem in the beginning and problem has occurred in the end, when eggs are being implanted in the womb. He said that as women in all the three categories produced equal amount of eggs.

Another three reasons, which were given by Richard, were that failure of implantation could be due to weakness in body; not the best time to reproduce; and the inability of uterus to carry out the procedure.

It is a time now that girls should realize the ill effects of staying hungry to boast slim waist, as food is quite essential for the overall development of the body. By having food, Richard said he does not mean girls should start having fast food or something, which is not healthy.

Girls should eat healthy food and should do exercise to remain fit, which is the act aula way to keep oneself in good shape.