Deadly Fungus Enters UK

Deadly Fungus Enters UKAfter the US and Canada, it is the turn of UK to witness deadly fungus, "Phytophthora lateralis" which destroys trees. It is for the first time in the history of England that they have witnessed this kind of fungus, which eats up the whole wood of cypress trees.

It has already decimated Lawson cypress trees, and same kind of trees was also being destroyed in the US and in Canada.

Forestry Commission scientists has asked gardeners that if they witness any such infection, they should immediately report to them so they could cut the infected portion in order to prevent its widespread I soil and equipments, used for gardening.

The commission officers explained the phenomenon of the disease, and affirmed that infection eats up whole tree, and starts from the root, then moves upwards to stem, then infect inner, and so on. After getting infected, the olive-green colored leaves, which signifies a healthy tree starts to wither, and ultimately they turn reddish-brown. And, at the end, their foliage remains no more active.

Investigation is on to know the exact reason of infection, but nothing fruitful has been revealed as of now. Investigating team suspects that the infection has come from Asia and then, it has passed on to North America. The infection is said to be spread in other countries as well, like in Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

The infection is said to occur only in cypress trees, and it is said that humans and animals, even most of the other plants are safe from this fungus.

John Morgan, who is the head of plant health, for the Forestry Commission said, "It is very worrying to find this destructive tree pathogen so far from previous cases in Scotland and we are working hard to contain the disease quickly to try to trace where it came from".