Dudley Winner of the Lynn News Pet Factor 2011

Dudley Winner of the Lynn News Pet Factor 2011The winner of the Lynn News Pet Factor 2011, Dudley has grabbed attention of a number of audiences and has been credited to score 25% votes. The winner was gifted with a number of prices including a very cozy dog bed as well as Mars Petcare dog food and other useful goodies.

In spite of a number of participants, a little cat Sookie had also pushed a number of voters to cast their vote in her support and succeeded to qualify for the second rank and scored 17%. The cat had impressed hedges' as well as viewers with all her elegance.

However, she faced a tough competition from her very close rival Jasmine, a dashing dog, who had claimed the third position with 16% votes. Simultaneously, the show has also witnessed several other impressive pets including a dog named as Hudson, cute cat Rambo and guinea-pig with 12%, 8% and 6% voting scores.

During the price distribution event, Editor Jon Buss addressed the gathered crowed and expressed sincere gratitude for their presence. In addition, Jon Buss has applauded all the participants and claimed to watch a wonderful and entertaining show because of unbelievable pets and announced to organize it on same scale, in upcoming years.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of Pets as Therapy, Maureen Hennis said: "Our volunteers have been taking dogs and cats to visit elderly and poorly people since 1983, and in the past couple of years we have developed the Reading to Dogs scheme".

In addition, Angie Phillips of Mars Petcare claimed that Pets as Therapy and the animal charity Wood Green are putting their hard efforts to help the animals as well as offering assistance to people in order to benefit from pets.