Seven Youngsters Hospitalized After Smoking High Black Mamba

Seven Youngsters Hospitalized After Smoking High Black MambaAs per reports, about seven people were admitted to the hospital's emergency ward, after the doctors declared that they have consumed extra dosage of illegal high Black Mamba.

The issue came to limelight after the group of these seven individuals, falling in the age group of 16 to 18, had smoldered excessive Mamba, which is supposed to be having the same taste of the most controversial cannabis.

The reported information further accounted that immediately after the drug smoking all of them started complaining about having suffering from breathing and heart tribulations.

Meanwhile, all of them were rushed to the Furness General Hospital located in Barrow and after getting the first aid, they were released.

Giving some more details about the consumed drug, the reported information accounted that the Black Mamba entitled after Africa's chief venomous snake is said to offer users a lighter much elevated than marijuana.

Moreover, the main reason behind the high levels is that the drug certainly contains damiana, a plant that is cultivated in the Mexico and the US regions and particularly in the Barrow region, most of the teenagers buy the drug.

Commenting on the drug misuse, Cumbria Police official Mark Rawlinson asserted that just because the drug have not been banned by the authorities, it does not mean that all these youngsters are free to misuse the drug.

He continued to explain the deadly drug effects and stated that surprisingly, most of the youngsters really don't know the fact that how risky the overconsumption was.

He added, "People using substances like Black Mamba are taking serious risks with their lives as no-one knows what the drug is mixed with or what the long-term effects may be".

Meanwhile, the reports also highlighted the fact that last year when about 26 people lost their lives after the over dosage, the regional authorities announced a ban on the sale and consumption of the Mephedrone, or Miaow-Miaow.