Lower Doses of Andoderm Hit Markets Next Month

Lower Doses of Andoderm Hit Markets Next MonthThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green flag to two lower-dose formulations for Androderm. Androderm is a transdermal patch used by men who have low testosterone levels.

Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc., manufacturers of the patch said that it will start selling lower doses of 2 milligram and 4 milligram patches from next month. Doses of 2.5 mg and 5 mg were already available in the market.

The lower doses were approved after trials showed that 94% of patients who were subjected to the 4 mg patch for eight days attained normal testosterone levels. And, 98% of the patients had attained normal testosterone levels after 28 days of using the patches.

Almost 13.8 million men in the US suffer from low testosterone levels and the condition deteriorates with age. Andoderm is used as a testosterone replacement therapy for men who suffer from deficient testosterone or absence of the endogenous hormone. The patch helps treat the symptoms of hypogonadism which include fatigue, depression and lowered desire for sex.

The use of the patch decreases the risk of transmitting the testosterone when used in other forms like gel to women and children.

Jed C. Kaminetsky, MD, Urologist at University Urology Associates and Clinical Assistant Professor of Urology at New York University School of Medicine, said, "The approval of the new low-dose testosterone patch offers millions of men a reliable and convenient transdermal option for what continues to be an underdiagnosed and undertreated condition."