Rebuilding Purley Might Cost More than Money

Rebuilding Purley Might Cost More than MoneyIt has been revealed recently that there are ore rebuilding plans underway for the Purley War Memorial hospital, after the ones that had been previously proposed, were said to be inappropriate.

It was last month that MP from South Croydon, Mr. Richard Ottaway had revealed that there could be major rebuilding and refurbishing done to the hospital in the time to come. It was revealed by Jon Rouse from the executive council that there would be help sought from the other trusts, for helping them to meet requirements, if the refurbishing wasn't entire done.

This sort of renovation might take a long time and this would mean loss for patients as well as the hospital. There is need for establishing whether the hospitals could provide necessary help to them while they are renovating their spaces.

"We will now be working with our NHS and council partners to ensure the development of an affordable healthcare facility in the south of the borough that meets the needs of the local area", said the spokesperson for the hospital.

There is need that the hospital becomes apt and full with all the modern day facilities that could be used for providing effective treatment and care to the patients.

There are important and quick decisions to be made the hospital authorities need to be ready to fulfill these requirements, to keep in business.

There is also loan and other funds that are needed for the effective rebuilding of the hospital facility. Here would be a sum of about £1.4 million needed and this shall be given to it per year under the loan facility, for a period of 25 years, for the effective functioning.