Amputee Soldiers to Be Helped With a Huge Donation

Amputee Soldiers to Be Helped With a Huge DonationIt has been revealed by a recent report that the Health authorities are planning to give in a sum of £15million for the care of amputee soldiers. The soldiers, who have lost their limbs in service for the nation, need to be taken good care of, and they are now going to be provided the care by rehabilitation centres. This was after a survey of the NHS hospitals that revealed that the veterans are not being given full facilities.

It has been revealed that David Cameron has met the soldiers in Britain who have lost their limbs, during serving their nation. This is when the government announced that they shall provide a huge sum of money to be able to help them in their day to day lives after they have lost their limbs.

"This report maps out a clear strategy for ensuring that those brave people can be confident they will receive the same levels of access to prosthetic limbs and specialist care from the NHS as they do at Headley Court", revealed David Cameron, about the review of the state of care of the former armed forces servers.

The action shall make sure each of the veterans are honored and given funds for helping them. This is the least that can be done for people who haven't cared for their health and safety, while serving to protect the nation from the enemy.

The service charities shall help in making lives simpler for the men of honor who have sacrificed their lives with family-lives and safety for their country. They need to be treated with great respect and the government has taken one positive step towards developing the facilities for their care.