Breast Cancer Can Affect Men Too

Breast Cancer Can Affect Men TooIf one thinks breast cancer could only happen to women, then they need to correct themselves. In UK, more than 300 men get diagnosed yearly with the cancer. This condition generally arises in men after the crosses the age of 60 years.

Recently, Christopher Barr got diagnosed with breast cancer, but he did not hide the condition from anyone. He wanted men brigade to know about the possibility and to adopt preventive measures against it.

Barr, who hails from Isles shared that in 2006, he felt a lump in his right breast. He went to doctor, who in return asked him to undergo certain tests. Results declared that he was having a cancerous tumor, which was growing in his breast. He was immediately asked to go for mastectomy, before it gets too late for him. He thought he had heard something wrong, and was in numb stage. He could not believe that he could have breast cancer.

He agreed to go for surgery, and it took him complete six months with chemotherapy, terrible procedure, said Barr. He further affirmed, "You can have very low patches during chemotherapy when you feel absolutely terrible but you have to remind yourself that it is for the greater good:.

Not many men could associate with barest cancer, as it is too pink to think that ways. It is perceived to female world, whose doors are shut for men. But doors are meant to get open, said Barr. Therefore, he is determined to help men as much as he could. He has also made a group in Isles, in which they dispense the fact that breast cancer can affect anybody, irrespective of the gender.

Barr said he often visits charities function, which is meant for pink world. Through that medium, he tries to spread awareness about men breast cancer chances.