NHS Authorities Alleged of Breaching Data Protection Policies

NHS Authorities Alleged of Breaching Data Protection PoliciesThe NHS has already been under controversies regarding its long waiting hours and now, its incapacity of keeping the medical records of patients personal has further placed it into a tight position.

It has been reported that the personal information of Briton patients was recently put on Facebook. This is not the first time when such an incident has taken place. The concerned authorities have been bashing the NHS for quite long for breaching the data protection policies.

Recently, the Freedom of Information Act released figures showing 806 cases in which the health authorities of the NHS have breached the data protection policies, in the last three years. Out of 806 breaches, 23 times the health authorities allegedly posted the confidential report of patients on the social networking sites.

It has further been revealed that the health staff and the family members of the patients illegally accessed the medical information of patients. The staff found guilty had to be suspended. As many as 102 NHS staff was suspended for breaching the data protection policies.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Nick Pickles, the Director of Big Brother Watch, stated, "This research highlights how the NHS is simply not doing enough to ensure confidential patient information is protected. Urgent action is needed to ensure that we can be sure our medical records are safe".

Concerned over the number of breaches taking place in the health sector, the Health Minister, Simon Burns assured public that the government will take essential steps so that further breaches could be avoided. However, the Commons Justice Select Committee and Information Commissioner Christopher Graham are of the view that the one found guilty of breaching the data protection policies should be put behind the bars.