Spike In Death Rate Alarms Three Yorkshire NHS Trusts

Spike In Death Rate Alarms Three Yorkshire NHS TrustsIn a shocking revelation, three Yorkshire NHS trusts have come under scanner for having patients dying at larger than expected rate. It was being confirmed that death rate in the York, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole and Hull and East Yorkshire NHS trusts was nearly 15 % more than what was being expected .

It was being found after examining the records of nearly 150 organizations, which indicated that nearly 200 deaths at York’s hospital in 2010-11 were unnecessary, and was found having in excess of 400 that at Hull’s hospitals and nearly 300 at the Northern Lincolnshire trust.

The report is being seen as a warning signal, though the actual reason behind the rising death rate is yet to be confirmed. However, there are reports that indicate that there could be local reasons behind the entire fiasco.

Apparently, it’s being said that 80% more deaths have occurred at the George Eliot trust in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, against that in London’s Whittington trust.

In response to the report, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is of the opinion that this report would allow the NHS to look deeper into the existing system so that the actual reasons behind the crippling situation could be figured out.

Apparently, it’s being believed that the report has not accounted factors like palliative care given to patients, which could have helped in doing the right assessment.

“We will also be working with the primary care trusts across all areas of health to provide improved care for dying patients in the community and in their homes rather than in a hospital setting”, said Phil Morley, Chief Executive at Hull, who assured that suitable actions would be taken to address the issues.

However, there has been a lot of confusion about two lists published in the NHS Information Centre, which are giving conflicting results. Nonetheless, a patient-friendly version for the exact performance is being called for.