Researchers Blame Hormones for Causing Dieters to Regain Weight

Researchers Blame Hormones for Causing Dieters to Regain WeightOften a person indulging in weight loss program finds it hard to maintain the weight and regain the undesired weight around their belly. According to the Australian researchers, the hormones of an obese makes him to crave for consuming more food even after going through aggressive diet plan.

The findings of the Australian researchers have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The findings clearly explain as to why dieters regain weight. It is hoped that by using the data provided by the Australian researchers, a new treatment to fight obesity could be gauged.

Currently, a drug called Meridia is being provided to the obese to fight obesity. For long the scientists have doubted over its safety concern. But now, it is hoped that a drug to effectively fight obesity could be introduced.

It has been unveiled that 33% of the American population is suffering from obesity. Various weight loss programs have helped in controlling the obesity rate in America. But still, there is need to introduce effective methods so that the problem of obesity could be tackled.

The Australian researchers recruited 50 participants to understand the reason behind dieters regaining weight. The participants were provided with a 10-week diet program. During the study, the researchers found that 34 out of 50 participants were able to lose 10% of the body mass.

After 10 weeks, the participants were provided with regular meal. The researchers found that after two weeks of consuming the ordinary meal, the participants gained as much as 5.4 kg. In the later part of the study, the researchers took the blood samples of the participants and found nine hormones which caused weight gain among the participants. While concluding the study, the author of the study, Leibel said, “People who lose significant weight not only gain bigger appetite but also burn fewer calories than normal, creating a perfect storm for weight regain”.