Dieting Leads to Heavier You

Dieting Leads to Heavier YouIt has been revealed in a recent report that people who indulge in dieting tend to gain weight in the next year. This has been revealed according to a recent study which is of the view that people tend to go into crash dieting to lose weight instantly.

There are problems when the weight comes back in the next year. This is because when they give up dieting and are back to their normal food schedule, their body demands more of the natural diet, and this is when they slowly start to eat larger portions and then start putting on the excess pounds they had shed with so much hard work and determination. This is why it is essential that people understand that it's better to keep a balanced approach towards food and exercise rather than clinging on to yo-yo dieting for quickly dropping the pounds and looking great, and then putting them on again and looking from `fab to flab'.

The crux is that the hormones in the body also seem to get disturbed due to the constant change in diet schedule. The body then craves for more food, making it fat and lethargic in the following year. People seem to sometimes end up at a worse position from where they had started off initially.

"Our study has provided clues as to why obese people who have lost weight often relapse. The relapse has a strong physiological basis and is not simply the result of the voluntary resumption of old habits," said Professor Joseph Proietto, of the University of Melbourne.

There is need to bring about a change in the lifestyle in order to maintain a stable body weight and lead to a healthy life.