Scientists Introduce ‘Super Brocolli’

Scientists Introduce ‘Super Brocolli’In order to avert heart related problems, British scientists have conducted an experiment under which they have grown a new kind of broccoli, which would have additional amount of glucoraphanin, than normal.

Glucoraphanin is valuable nutrient present in broccoli, and it helps ward off heart diseases. It breaks down the fat in the body, and does not let the same deposit in arteries. Richard Mithen, who is the lead researcher from the Institute for Food Research in Norwich, England, was of the view that it is not for the first time that vegetable has been used to avert any problem, as they already become `a medicine cabinet'.

When one would taste the new broccoli, he would not find any difference in taste but it would help in reducing cholesterol. Broccoli lovers might find it little sweeter, said Richard and that is due to less sulphur.

It is named as "super broccoli" and was made by using three different components. Firstly, broccoli was cross bred with a wild Sicilian breed, which is little bitter in taste and lastly, overdose of glucoraphanin was injected. It took them 14 years to produce this hybrid. European authorities have given green signal to the breed, which has been granted a patent.

It has been on sale, but in limited stores of California and Texas, and would be available in Britain this month. This super broccoli has now entered into the category of those eatables, which have received injections of extra nutrients. Some of the vegetables and fruits, which are in this category, calcium-enriched orange juice, fortified sugary cereals and omega 3 fatty acid enriched milk, additional vitamin D mushrooms and vitamin C enriched tomatoes and selenium enriched potatoes.

These products would only benefit in a right way not as dressing with burger, French fries.