New Zealand’s Kiwi under Scanner

New Zealand’s Kiwi under ScannerIt has been reported that the plant disease which have already affected kiwi of Bay of Plenty orchards has spread to other orchards of New Zealand. The discovery about the infected kiwi was made yesterday.

The disease called Psa-V has made the kiwi industry worrisome as there are doubts that in this season the Kiwi industry would succumb to losses of $1.5 billion. New Zealand firms, every year, cultivate about 5% of kiwi among other crops.

Concerned over the Psa-V outbreak, the General Manager of Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH), John Burke said that the plants of the orchards of New Zealand are at higher risk. The Psa- V disease was first discovered last year. And since then it has been of spread.

It has been revealed that among the infected orchards, gold fruit orchards have been drastically hit. About 341 gold orchard hectares are reported of being infected with the Psa-V diseases. Rumours have begun to spread about cuts in jobs because of the spread of Psa-V disease in the kiwi sector.

To meet the loss, the kiwi manufacturers would be cutting the cost of the kiwi. Observing the government's action to curb off the Psa-V, it has come to light that the government has been failing to bring in effective measures so that the diseases could be curbed out.

The residents of the New Zealand are urging the authorities to put a ban over the cultivation of Kiwi but the authorities concerned are ignoring the plea of the residents. Te Puke-based company was noted saying, "The outbreak of has become widespread throughout the Bay of Plenty, and is considered to be a fundamental threat to the New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry". It is hoped that the government would be able to control the Psa-V disease before it causes huge losses to the nation.