Big Brother Watch Exposes Breach of Patient Information on Facebook

Big Brother Watch Exposes Breach of Patient Information on FacebookIn a shocking revelation, it has come to light that medical staff has been using social media networking sites for sharing confidential medical records of patients. It was found by civil liberties campaigners Big Brother Watch after examining Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests.

It has been further confirmed that a total of 23 such cases at NHS trusts across the country have come to light between July 2008 and July 2011. On the first place, its unimaginable how could medical staff be so irresponsible and insensitive to make such posts on Facebook which could publicise the serious concerns of somebody's life?

The violation has gone to an extent that nearly 100 employees were fired, including one from the Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust who even posted a picture of a patient on Facebook.

Furthermore, 24 Trusts encountered 57incidents where medical staff had actually stolen personal records of patients, thereby crossing the limit of their authority. A total of 16 employees at the Great Western Hospital were either terminated or were warned in the last two years for violating the rules of leaking out confidential patient information.

With the shocking revelation hitting the contours of the society, it's being believed that a lot needs to be done to ensure that millions of patients, who are being treated under the NHS trusts, are being taken care of from every single angle.

In response to these revelation, Nick Pickles, the Director of Big Brother Watch, is of the opinion that with the Summary Care Record scheme coming into picture, a significant proportion of people are being allowed to get hold of private patient information, and that's perhaps the main reason to have triggered the need of urgent action to keep the confidentiality of medical records intact.

Even the same issue had been raised by Information Commissioner Christopher Graham who claimed that there is a dire need of reining in the number of such cases in the health care sector.