Spirituality to Cure Chronic Health Conditions

Spirituality to Cure Chronic Health Conditions  “Our findings reinforce the idea that religion/ spirituality may help buffer the negative consequences of chronic health conditions. We know that there are many ways of coping with stressful life situations such as chronic illness”, notified an Associate Professor of Health Psychology in the School of Health Professions, Stephanie Reid-Arndt, while attempting to explain a recent research applauding spirituality to heal chronic health conditions.

A team of experts from the University of Missouri has carried out research work, and insisted that religious and spiritual support has immense calibers to yield better results for men as well as women suffering from severe health problems as it is believed to stimulate the healing process.

During the study, the experts attempted to explore the powers of spirituality and observed that support from congregations, spiritual interventions, including religious lessons, assistance from pastors, hospital chaplains as well as some positive attributes e. g. the ability to forgive have casted positive impact to a noticeable level.

They also concluded that religious support can have deep association with better levels of mental health, especially among women. Besides this, they have also anticipated a link between spirituality and improved physical as well as mental health in men.

Earlier, a number of other researchers have also attempted to explain the positive impacts of spirituality as well as of religious approach on health, both physical and mental. In the latest study, Reid-Arndt, in collaboration with her fellow scientists, analyzed the significance of making use of spirituality in order to combat deadly chronic health conditions, including stroke, cancer, spinal cord injury or brain injury.

Approximately, 168 people, aged 18 years or more, living with some sort of chronic health condition have participated in the study. However, the experts have emphasized on the need of further research.