Commuting by Car or Public Transport Could Worsen Health

Commuting by Car or Public Transport Could Worsen HealthResearch says that people who go to work by car, train or bus are at a greater risk to have health problems than active commuters who walk to or cycle their way to work.

The study, published in BMC Public Health, was based on 21,000 people from the ages of 18 years to 65 years. The researchers found that people who went to work by car or public transport were more likely to suffer from exhaustion, absence from work, everyday stress and bad health in general than those who walked or cycled to work.

The study also found that the longer the commute was the worse the health problems were for those who used cars or public transit.

The author of the study, Erik Hansson, from the Lund University in Sweden, says, “More research needs to be done to identify how exactly commuting is related to the ill health we observed in order to readdress the balance between economic needs, health, and the costs of working days lost”.

Experts say that poor health is result of a lot of demands and no control on how people meet those demands. However, the study does not tell us whether commuting by car or using public transport is the reason behind the health problems but, getting to know about coping with the stress of having to commute so much could help restrict the ill effects it might have on health.

One cannot completely blame the status of health on the mode of transport people choose to commute to work. Other factors like income, lifestyles, environmental factors and family back ground also need to be considered.

It is believed that the findings of this study will help to address the issue of balance between health, economic needs and the costs of working days lost.