Whistleblower Doctor Calls for Government Intervention

/Peter-Connelly-This is not for the first time that doctors have come out to speak up over the alleged simmering fallacies in the health care system, as another doctor has vocalized the woes of all those whistleblowers.

It was confirmed that 52 years old Dr. Kim Holt has called for doctors not to stay mum if they get to know something fishy. It has been known that the doctor was suspended from her services at Great Ormond Street Hospital four years back after she blew the horn about the preventable death of Peter Connolly, known as Baby P.

It was told that authorities at the St Anne's Hospital in Haringey, in north London, totally ignored the warnings given by her and three other colleagues about the insufficient resources. They even offered her £120,000 to zip her lips, but she refused to kneel down and asked for apology. Had the bosses at that listened to them, death of baby P would have been averted. Now, the doctor is resuming her job another Haringey clinic, and is planning to start a drive to back NHS whistleblowers.

As of now, the trust assures a safe patient environment, but that doesn’t make the leading doctor budge from her stance.

The doctor is of the strong opinion that there needs to be some channel of communication for doctors to put their opinion in front, instead of keeping blind eye to what’s happening with patients.

“Employers try to manipulate situations to get rid of staff but we should be automatically protected. I thought of resigning many times”, said Dr. Holt, who is of the opinion that this is a common practice to hush serious matters to save the reputation of hospitals.

As the news of the new group, Patients First, hit the contours of the society, over 3,000 medical professionals and other support groups have come out to join the genuine cause, thereby calling the government to pay heed to their woes.