Breast Cancer and Alcohol Consumption Correlated, says Study

AlcoholAccording to reports, a recent study conducted by the Cancer Research UK claimed that the deadly breast cancer expansion risk was correlated with the amount of alcohol consumption.

All these claims came to limelight after the Journal of the American Medical Association highlighted that the consumption of wine between three and six small glasses per week was strongly connected to a 15% augmentation of the breast cancer risk.

However, in order to make their study findings more reliable, the researchers tracked almost 105,986 people falling in the age group of 28 years.

Meanwhile, after finishing all the necessary study investigation procedures, the researchers concluded that the cut in the alcohol consumption certainly reduced the breast cancer jeopardy.

In the meantime, many other studies also spotlighted the alcohol drinking consequences with the breast cancer risks but the study authors also disputed that till date the low-level drinking outcome, had not been completely explored yet.

Moreover, the recent study also revealed that even among all those who never consumed alcohol, every year about 281 women per 100,000 suffered from breast cancer risks.

Sharing his views, Dr. Wendy Chen, one of the researchers, asserted that certainly their findings have discovered an augmented jeopardy linked to at low levels of alcohol use but they cannot deny the fact that the risk was fairly small.

He added, "Although the exact mechanism for the association between alcohol consumption and breast cancer is not known, one probable explanation would involve alcohol's effects on circulating oestrogen levels".

On the other hand, the Health Information Officer at Cancer Research UK, Sarah Williams, stated that the study findings have added some more evidence to the previous study claims and with some more research, soon they would also prove the point that even small drinking amounts of alcohol definitely increased the breast cancer dangers.