Prescription Drugs Getting All Over America

Prescription Drugs Getting All Over AmericaThe CDC Vital Signs report has revealed that prescription painkillers have increased so much in the US market that the ratio of people dying from heroin and cocaine has fallen short in front of deaths occurring due to these drugs.

The supply of these drugs have increased threefold in last 10 years, said the report. CDC Chief Thomas Frieden was of the view, "The unfortunate and in fact shocking news is that we are in the midst of an epidemic of prescription drug overdose in this country. It is an epidemic but it can be stopped".

Thomas said that their report majorly focused on opioid pain relievers, which includes Vicodin. When investigated, it was found that the supply of Vicodin has increased by four-times not only in the market, but also at hospitals and doctors' clinics.

The supply has increased so much in the market that if every American takes Vicodin after every four hours then also the stock would not finish before a month. This has raised concerns among experts as they were of the view that now they not only have to fear about the supply of drugs, but they also have to worry about prescription drugs.

These drugs are majorly taken for recreational purposes and not for treatment, said Thomas. He added that the majority of people exploiting the drugs are middle-aged white men and also American Indians or Alaska natives.

This epidemic has also increased the death rate and maximum mortality rate is found in poor areas. But, the exact number could not be known as condition differs from place to place.

Death rate has increased threefold as 4000 people died in 1999 by consuming opioid pain relievers, while 14,800 people lost their lives in 2008. But, this is something which having a solution like cutting down the supple could work wonders gradually.