New Cancer Drug under Trial

Cancer-DrugIt has been revealed in a recent report that there is going to be a trial conducted on a drug which might be able to treat different types of cancer. This trial is going to be conducted in London. The name of the drug is the L-NNA and it might be able to treat a number of tumors at a time.

This test is going to be conducted on 40 patients suffering from various forms of this dangerous disease. This is going to be the 1st Phase trial. The main aim of the trial will be to find out if this drug is safe for use by people. The effectiveness shall be tested in the later stages.

The way this drug functions is by reacting on an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase. It then restricts the capacity of the blood vessels of carrying blood to the developed tumors. The scientists are of the view that the cancer can be killed by depriving them of nutrition and oxygen. This might be able to put a stop to the division as well as growth of the tumors.

It was revealed by Professor Peter Hoskin, the main author of the study that tumors will grow only when it gets the essential oxygen and nutrients and these have to reach them through vessels carrying blood. If they don’t get these nutrients, the tumors won’t be able to grow beyond the size of a pin-point.

“It's very exciting to launch this trial of a new drug which in future may provide a new approach to treat a wide range of cancers”, he added further. It’s a matter of time to see how the results are before this technique can be used for the benefit of the cancer patients.