NHS Staff Found Guilty Of Pepping Into Medical Records

NHS Staff Found Guilty Of Pepping Into Medical RecordsThere is no denial that preserving medical records of patients must be of utmost important for authorities' concerned, but recent reports have somehow exposed the dark side of NHS Trusts where staff members are leaking confidential records in public domain. Though some were disciplined for the same, the underlying issue has caught the attention of one and all.

In recent reports, it was found that staff at Coventry and Warwickshire hospitals some or the other way managed to peep into the medical records between July 2008 and July 2011 of their closed ones. Four from University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust were told to have examined records, while another 10 were found guilty of peeping into the records of their family and friends.

The most shocking of all the incidents was the case of a non-medical staff member at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust, who deliberately shared the information with an outsider, for which he was given written notice.

As the shocking in incidents were exposed by a team from Big Brother Watch, sense of panic was seen in the society which called for the need to give warranted attention to keeping medical information under covers and that too under the supervision of the authorities concerned. The report had revealed some of the cases which were even shared on social media networking website Facebook, which turned the entire issue to some other side.

With medical staff discussing confidential information on Facebook, how could the system give blind eye to such malicious acts?

"The information held in medical records is of huge personal significance and for details to be disclosed, maliciously accessed or lost represents serious infringements on patient privacy", said Nick Pickles, Director of the campaign group, who is of the opinion that there is dire need of ensuring that NHS stands transparent is front of millions of patients else the sanctity of the profession would be maligned by such disrespectful acts of staff members.