NHS Plan Failed to Combat Obesity, Says Report

ObesityObesity can be considered as an epidemic of present era where the said health condition continues to take more and more number of people under its spell, regardless of age.

Particularly in England, one out of four people are likely to have obesity or can be grouped as over weighed. The figures are frightening as the health condition is likely to cause a number of negative impacts on health such as increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, as well as many other health problems.

As an attempt to spread awareness about the consequences of the health condition, experts have suggested doctors to offer effective counseling to overweight patients and to encourage them to follow a healthy lifestyle as well as idol body weight.

Meanwhile, after concluding the findings of latest research, experts have claimed that several commercial weight loss programs have reflected better results as compared to programs offered by NHS. During the study, they analyzed six weight loss programs in total, including Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and Rosemary Conley, renowned commercial programs as well as three primary care options provided by one-to-one counseling from a nurse or a pharmacist and dietitian.

Before suggesting the findings, they randomly assigned around 740 overweight people and tracked them for a 12-week-long study and applauded the commercial programs for better results.

While commenting on the findings, a Spokesman for the Department of Health said: "Weight management programmes can be very cost-effective and make losing weight easier for some people, but the best way to lose weight will be different for everyone”.

Prior to this, a separate research carried out in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia had suggested following a long Weight Watchers program for better results as compared to doctor's advice.