Pensions Day of Action - British Medical Association Prepares

British-Medical-AssociationAccording to latest reports, it has been revealed that the British Medical Association (BMA) has initiated an online drive toolkit with the intent of encouraging doctors for using the social media and press in order to voice their concerns.

As a result, it has been notified that doctors willing to disperse their support, for the Day of Action scheduled for November 30 meant for public sector pensions, have been provided with fresh campaign assets given by the BMA dubbed “Fair Treatment for NHS Pensions”. Though as per BMA, the latest announcement by the Treasury is a promising move in the positive direction in realtion with the willingness of the Government to negotiate, the reality stays clear that doctors will be still paying considerably more and will be working longer for a substandard pension.

Though the British Medical Association will be providing continuous support for the November 30 Day of Action, the picture is still hazy whether or not it will ballot doctors on industrial act at this point in time.

After cheering its members for submitting their response to the recent consultation of the Department of Health in England and Wales in terms of increase in contribution, the BMA revealed that in excess of 9,000 submissions were received particularly from medical students and doctors. The BMA is keen on encouraging students and doctors in Northern Ireland and Scotland for participating in ongoing conferences in their respective field.

Earlier in 2008, the NHS pension scheme went through a fundamental overhaul. The result was that the new staff’s retirement age was pushed forward, and everyone other than the lowest paid received a considerable augment in contributions. In addition, there was an introduction of a fresh system meant for safeguarding taxpayers from the increasing costs in near future.