Residents Will Soon Get Answers from Hospital Officials

Hartlepool-HospitalHartlepool Hospital in the region has undergone certain changes that have somehow also become a major concern for the residents. But the concern will hopefully land shortly because the health bosses have finally responded to all the questions that the residents had regarding the issue.

We have been citing a major saga being run in the city since a long time now regarding the future of the University Hospital of Hartlepool. The issue turned into a public outcry soon after the controversial closure of the accident and emergency department of the hospital in August this year post which, protestors started marching through the streets to try and reverse the action of the hospital authorities.

Moreover, a council meeting was also scheduled with chiefs from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust to discuss the issue and calm the situation but unfortunately the schedule had to be rearranged at the last- minute for health and safety reasons.

Scrapping of the meeting became one of the causes to trigger large crowds that turned up at the civic centre but the situation turned into a further big controversy when Chief Executive Mr. Alan Foster and Chairman Mr. Paul Garvin both couldn’t make to attend the rearranged meeting at Hartlepool College of Further Education in September.

To calm the aggressive crowd, Mr. Foster and Mr. Garvin have promised to answer all the questions from residents regarding the issue but only if they forward their concerns in written form to the officials. The trust has received a good number of questions from residents last week and soon the residents will be receiving all the answers from the officials.

Mr. Foster has said in a statement, “One or two of the questions have been passed to our commissioners for a response because we were not able to answer them ourselves.”