Department of Health Joins Hands with Intellect on NHS IT Initiatives

As per reports, it has been revealed that the Department of Health (DoH) has recently declared a string of initiatives in alliance with trade body Intellect developed for assisting the NHS for enhancing the procurement of IT resolutions at a local level.

The DoH and Intellect alleged that the plans, which were made available this Wednesday, are likely to assist in creating a pulsating healthcare IT market.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, John Higgins, the Intellect Director General, stressed that having a community of informed users and responsive suppliers are two crucial and equally important aspects for stimulating the market. He further claimed that with assistance from DoH, they have gained success in outlining a novel measure for enticing the supply side and customer in an entirely transparent and collaborative manner.

NHSAs per their accord, the Intellect and the DoH have joined hands with various initiatives, counting the NHS Information Strategy, which will apparently supply directs for IT healthcare over the decade or so, and an idea of engaging with doctors and business managers.

Open data and transparency and are vital aspects of the deal. The DoH alleged that a mutual system along with the eHealth Insider web portal will be presenting data on suppliers and IT systems to local commissioners and NHS Trusts, counting information on feedback provided by user and system conformance to the standards of the NHS.

In addition, it has even been revealed that the DoH is also keenly rubbing shoulders with the Government Procurement Service regarding a pan-government records hosting vital supplier information that will apparently assist in procurement decisions.

The DoH Managing Director of Informatics, Katie Davis said: “By making our own core information on our use of IT available for others to add their own expert insight and value, we have made a major step forward in providing the necessary information - for free - to all NHS customers”.