Controversy Around NHS Reforms Continues

David-CameronThere seems to be no end to long running controversy over the proposed Health and Social Care Bill. It’s known that the moment the controversial NHS reforms were presented, significant outrage has been witnessed from one and all, including the medical fraternity. With the lingering "efficiency savings" on the health department being marked at £20bn, there seems to be no breather for hospitals.

On one side, the controversial NHS reforms giving commissioning power to GP, thereby roping in private health care providers in health care system, the saving target has worsen the situation further. Even the primary care trusts
(PCTs), which as of now have limited control would be totally scarped.

Even David Cameron couldn’t make the critics understand the actual relevance of the proposed bill, thereby attracting wrath of one and all. At one point of time the reforms were being tagged as anti-democracy.

With pressure mounting on the UK government to clear the air, there seems to be no way out for health secretary Andrew Lansley to ensure that the proposed reforms finally make their way in the lives of millions of patients. The much touted listening exercise was also told to have backfired as no major changes in the proposed bill were made as demanded by doctors.

Despite the incessant assertions by your Health Secretary and backed by David Cameron, it has been observed that more or less the reforms are not going to make way so easily. There is popular belief that the government is trying to hand over significant authority to GPs there by allowing private health care providers to instigate unhealthy competition. However, critics are of the say that there should not be any compromise whatsoever on the services delivered to millions of patients.

With the government defiant to ensure that NHS reforms do stay in picture, it would be interesting to see how things would evolve in the time to come.