Increase in Hospital Mortality Rates

Worcestershire-Acute-HospitalsIt has been revealed in a recent report that the hospitals in Worcestershire have come up with death rates of more than what had been expected in recent times. The new data reveals that people dealing with stroke are most likely to be on this list.

These figures were recently given out by the NHS Trust, working with the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals. They are responsible for running the Alex hospital and have revealed that there has been a rise in the death rates of the hospital. There has been a rise seen of 9.8% than the expected rates in recent times and this calls for some serious thinking. This reveals that there have been about 200 more deaths than what had been an estimated for the year

These figures are given out according to the real time management system by Dr. Foster. This is the way of calculating mortality rates for hospitals.

It was revealed in a trust meeting that there are many areas of patient care that are being failed by the authorities and that require special care and attention by the authorities

It is essential that the stroke patients spend most of their time in the stroke unit, where they can be given enough care and comfort. This is one area where the hospital has failed to deliver. Staying in the stroke unit would not only help in curing their condition but also increase their chances of being able to live a healthy life, without the risk of imparity in movement.

There are a number of unanswered questions that are left with the authorities at times. They need to justify that the death of the patient was unavoidable and that they have put in their best efforts to save the life of the deceased.