Need For Antenatal Classes for Pregnant Women

Pregnant-WomenIt has been recently revealed that most pregnant women from the low income group don’t attend antenatal classes.

It was revealed in a survey that about 44% of the women who fall in the income group below £15,000 were not given the privilege to attend antenatal classes, whereas 29% women opted not to attend the same even when they were offered to classes.

These classes can be sponsored by NCTs as well, but they are also given by the NHS. For those women who are pregnant with their first child, it can be beneficial to attend these classes and learn about the dos and don’ts of motherhood. The survey further revealed that the women, who don’t attend these classes, miss out on a lot of trivia relating to babies such as giving birth, breastfeeding, labor and so on.

It was also discovered that one third of the women from this low income group also did not visit their midwife many times, as required. 605 of these women were still satisfied with the sort of care they take of themselves, while pregnancy.

It is a policy of the government that women be offered the choice of delivering their child at home, besides other provision, it was still revealed that mere 2.5% women delivered their children at homes in the year 2010.

I know the midwives are working very hard out there to deliver high quality care. At the same time many of them are doing it with less staff and fewer resources, and that situation is reflected in these results”, revealed Louise Silverton the deputy general secretary from the RCM.

There is need for more awareness to be spread so that women become a part of these antenatal classes, and deliver healthy children.