Unusual Group of 'Functioning Alcoholics' Getting Bigger

Unusual Group of 'Functioning Alcoholics' Getting BiggerRising alcoholism and substance abuse among professionals like doctors, dentists and lawyers is urging experts to take earliest action to stop this increase. Professionals have categorized this unusual group as `functioning alcoholics.'

First of its own kind, an international conference was held in Ireland this weekend to discuss the issue. During the conference, some serious calls in context to same have been noticed by the UK government, who is looking forward to get an early action to help the silent mass of professionals that have been categorized as "functioning alcoholics".

Regarding the situation, Mr. Rory O'Connor, the UK Coordinator of health support programs for dentists and veterinary surgeons, told that "there are serious issues regarding health professionals accessing appropriate help for mental health issues and there are serious issues in the treatment that is out there for them".

Research has confirmed that approximately 15-24% lawyers could suffer from the addiction during their careers. The British Medical Association has estimated that one in every 15 healthcare professionals can develop the so- called addiction problem. On the other hand, doctors have been kept at three times more riskier position to develop cirrhosis of the liver than the general population.

The most triggering indicator of the growing problem that came up during the discussion was the rising popularity of rehab tourism. Numerous reports from various private healthcare companies have suggested that mental health tourist's number is rising (professionals who seek treatment abroad).

O'Connor said that the behavioral health conference held at Toranfield House addiction centre in County Wicklow has initiated to send strong messages to the concerned governments urging them to start tackling the addiction in the way smoking had been.