South Tyneside Grapples With Rising Smoking Rate

Smoking-RateThere are percolating concerns attached with smoking rate in South Tyneside, as it has been told that the rising rates there are putting the future of the people living there in danger. A recent report has revealed that number of cases of lung diseases is rising at high rate in South Tyneside, and this could even escalate further if concrete actions are not being taken.

If health experts are to be heard, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) represents various diseases like bronchitis and emphysema which could make things more worrying for people. There are nearly 30,000 people in the UK who are grappling with lung diseases, which has even crossed the number affected by breast, bowel or prostate cancer.

If health experts are to be heard, if concrete steps are not being taken, this situation could become a lot worrisome in the time to come. There are nearly 30% adults who are addicted to smoking, and the number is going to rise.

“This means COPD is particularly high in the borough, standing at 3.3% of adults, compared with 2.4 in the strategic health authority region and 1.6 per cent nationally”, said Vikki Bailey, respiratory programme manager for the NHS in the North East, who is of the opinion that South Tyneside is indeed at an escalates risk of COPD. Not only this, high smoking rate also put burden on economy which make things a lot difficult to manage.

Another worrying factor is that significant number of people prefer not to visit doctors in the first place and hence, gives the diseases to develop further. As World COPD Day is on Wednesday, there is dire need to raise the issue of escalating awareness level of COPD. On the same lines, campaign called Every Breath, launched by Fresh – Smokefree North East, would be kick started on the same day,.