UK Has Highest Esophageal Cancer Rates, Says Study

World-Cancer-Research-FundAfter concluding the findings of a latest research the World Cancer Research Fund suggested that roughly 6.4 out of 100,000 people, particularly in the United Kingdom, are likely to develop deadly esophageal cancer, every year. Further, the UK has also topped the list for reflecting highest number of esophageal cancer in Europe whereas the liver cancer deaths were observed with a hike of more than 70%.

“The fact that the UK has the highest rate of esophageal cancer in Europe is a real concern because it is a type of cancer that has a particularly low survival rate”, said the Deputy Head of Science at the WCRF, Dr. Rachel Thompson, while explaining the figures further.

Introducing some positive changes in the lifestyle such as not consuming excessive red and processed meat, following a healthy lifestyle and food habits , controlled alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking and maintained body weight can play a significant role to prevent the esophageal cancer, suggested experts and notified that it is highly preventable.

The expert also noted that esophageal cancer is 'particularly preventable', as the majority of cases could be avoided by eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking.

In addition, experts from WCRF have claimed that there are several evidences to depict that higher intake of processed meat as well as red meat have calibers to increase the risk of bowel cancer. Therefore the charity has urged people to limit their red meat temptation to 500g, a week. Health experts have blamed higher alcohol consumption as well as obesity to work as a catalyst for increasing the cancer rates and claimed that most of these cancer cases were preventable, in case sufferers have followed a healthier lifestyle.

As per the reports, the disease affects more than 8,000 people each year, alone in UK, and tends to kill around its 7,000 sufferers.