Lilly Drug in Second Phase, Can Soon Race With Merck and Roche

Lilly Drug in Second Phase, Can Soon Race With Merck and RocheLilly Drug has certainly raised hopes of researchers and doctors by doubling the good cholesterol levels in the body to lower heart risks in future.

To get some firm results about the drug, a study was run by the researchers in which Eli Lilly & Co.'s experimental drug was introduced in a patient. Soon, the researchers noted that the experimented drug has doubled the levels of good cholesterol, thereby lowering the chances of heart risks in the body.

The positives of the study have tightened the competition of Eli Lilly & Co.'s experimental drug, which could be soon made to race with Merck & Co. and Roche Holding AG to develop a new class of medicines to lower the risks of heart related illnesses in the body.

Researchers claim that good cholesterol or HDL in the body helps in sweeping the fatty substances, known as LDL, out from the arteries, thereby reducing the risks of occurring of any clogs.

Thus, the new study has enabled the researchers to develop a new treatment with the help of Indianapolis-based Lilly, evacetrapib, which has boosted HDL in the study by approximately 129% and as a result, it lowered the levels of bad cholesterol by 36%, researchers confirmed.

“We got everything we could hope for from this drug, and maybe more”, said Mr. Steven Nissen, the study's senior author and Chief of Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

The above findings have also been reported at the American Heart Association meeting that was held today in Orlando, Florida.

To earn US approval for the drug, the Lilly trial has been put in its second phase of the three testing phases that are generally required for same. On the other hand, Merck and Roche products are in their final stage for the same earning.