ED Risk Towers Due to Multiple Medicinal Usages

ED Risk Towers Due to Multiple Medicinal UsagesIntake of many different medicines is injurious to men’s health, says a new study.

In its findings, a new study has clearly mentioned that all those men who intake many different medicines are at a higher risk of suffering from Severe Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

In easier language, ED is called as impotence among the men, the inability to achieve or maintain erection during sexual intercourse.

Some men do face an occasional failure to achieve erection during the sexual activities but this is a common phenomenon and thus medical professionals do not suggest any medical treatment to same. But in case, the same problem starts reoccurring all the times then it is signaled as ED.

Many studies have been done earlier to calculate an average of how many men actually are suffering from ED. Till now, we have an average of approx one in every three men over the age of 60, who are suffering from ED today. One similar study was done by US researchers over 37,000 men and it was noted that one-third of the entire participants confirmed their sufferings from moderate or severe ED.

“Clinically, the findings suggest that a crucial step in the evaluation of ED would be to review the current medications the patient is taking and their potential side-effects. When appropriate, decreases or changes in the amount or type of medication should be considered”, commented lead researcher, Dr. Diana Londoño, of the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.

Certain factors that have been highlighted by researchers to trigger ED are older age, depression, high body mass index, high blood pressure and current or former smoker. Also, researchers have mentioned in their findings that men, who take multiple medications, are also at a higher risk of suffering from severe ED.