Need to Form Plans to Safeguard Health Workers

Need to Form Plans to Safeguard Health WorkersThese days, there have been a large number of reports of violence being inflicted on health workers by patients. With the pursuit of dealing with the increased incidence of violence in the health sector, a plan has been proposed by a team of health professionals of Southampton General Hospital.

For about one year, the team observed behavior of patients and doctors and the also observed the assaults which took place within the workplace. It has been recommended that improved signage; information and building layouts could prevent assaults from taking place.

It has been reported that last year there had been 57,830 cases of physical attacks on the health workers. Out of 57,830, 2,000 cases took place across Hampshire and Southampton. It has been suggested by the team of Hampshire and Southampton that by providing patients better information about their treatment procedure then the cases of assaults can be reduced significantly.

It has also been recommended that change should be brought in the way patients are greeted within the hospital, and greater importance should be given to their comfort so that their frustration could be minimized.

According to the team of researchers, “Better processes for meeting patients and discussing what they can expect, better training for clinical and admin staff on handling volatile situations and improvements in the design of departments – some of which haven’t changed since the ’60s and ’70s – can help create a calmer environment…”.

It is saddening to know that doctors and health workers are being ill treated by patients. Health workers spend almost half of their life in treating various diseases of patients. Patients should acknowledge the efforts being put by doctors in saving their life. Moreover, he NHS should also bring changes to safe guard heath workers.