Men Might Contract Cancer Due To Oral Contraceptives in Women

contraceptive-pillsIt has been revealed in a recent report that there might be a possibility of men contracting prostate cancer due to birth control pills being used by women. There was a detailed scientific research conducted on the matter to find out the possible link between the two.

It was revealed by a research team from the Toronto University that there might be a possible link between contraceptive pills for women and men having prostate cancer. There has been a recent rise in the number of deaths due to prostate cancer. It can be related to the intake of these pills women They are of the view that the by-products of estrogen that are released in the urine by women, might possibly contaminate the drinking water as well as food chain. This hormone is responsible for helping the growth of certain types of cancers.

The recent research was of the view that there was a significant link between prostate cancer deaths and the use of oral contraceptives by women.

The research team however added, that the risk is particularly related to oral contraceptives, the other forms of contraceptives are safe for use.

There has been discovered the link, the proof for the same is currently missing. There s need to reinforce it with stronger evidences and proofing, so that there can be some strict measures followed to change the scenario. The components in oral contraceptives don’t break down completely, and this is why they can be carried away till the end of the excretion cycle, giving rise to risks, not just for the body of the woman, but now also posing a threat to men.

"Comparing the rates of two apparently unrelated issues across countries is an unreliable way of establishing whether they are truly linked, because so many things vary between different countries that it's impossible to say whether one is causing the other”, said Jessica Harris, of the Cancer Research UK.