Fibre-Rich Food Helps Reduce Chance of Bowel Cancer

Fibre-Rich Food Helps Reduce Chance of Bowel CancerRisk of bowel cancer can be reduced if one takes lots of fibre-rich fruits, vegetables and stays quite regular for his medical screenings along with leading a healthy balanced life.

Bowel Cancer Wales is a charity dedicated to raise awareness and funds. This organization not only raises funds for the treatment of disease, but it also supports those who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Charity's Head Nick Phillips said fibre-rich food is quiet beneficial to lower the risk of bowel cancer and even a light walk would also help to avert the risk.

His views got published in the British Medical Journal where he has repeatedly pointed on the intake of high fibre food. He told that not only die but medical screenings are also necessary as polyps if remain undetected could lead to bowel cancer. Therefore, it is very important that regular screenings should become part of person's life.

Another research that got published in the British Medical Journal has also talked about the benefits of taking whole wheat food as it has plenty of fibre. To reach up to this consensus, more than 1.9 million people were reviewed.

In the study, their diet pattern was assessed and it was found those who take 10g of fibre and 90g of wholegrain fibre every day, they are at lower risk of being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Researchers said rich-fibre food helps in accumulation of large stool which later helps to dilute cancer-causing substances in the bowel.

Dr. Ryan Mehta, the co-author of the study was of the view that their research has proved the thing which is not new but was something which had no evidence.

In their next research, they would try to assess different types of fibre and the required amount which should be taken to reduce the chances of bowel cancer.