Dementia Patient Killed Another with Single Punch

Dementia Patient Killed Another with Single PunchIn a shocking case, it has been told that fight between two aged woman suffering from dementia resulted in the death of one woman. Both the women were in their 80s.

It has been confirmed that a single blow from 83-year-old Dorothy Hodgetts killed Frail Helen Noreen Patrick, 89. No serious charges would be laid against the accused as she being a dementia patient had no criminal intent to do so, as per the inquest going on at Burnley Magistrates' Court, Lancashire.

The diseased is told to have been staying in The Grove care home in Rosegrove, for many years. As per reports, the two got into some argument and then it took a serious turn. An investigation was started after the death, and it was told by the doctors that the accused had no serious intention to harm Mrs. Patrick.

All those who were present at the time of the heated argument said that Mrs. Patrick had an argument in the dining room with Mrs. Hodgetts, which was even seen by Manager Julie Johnson also.

"I saw a heated argument between two ladies and I heard Dorothy say "I'll floor you if you speak to me like that again", said the care home's manger to the inquest. Even Registered nurse, Judith Evans, couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the argument and what happened afterwards.

Post Mrs. Patrick was floored, paramedics were called, and she was rushed to Royal Blackburn Hospital. After struggling for three hours, the dementia patient lost her life. The post-mortem report made it clear that the woman suffered from severe fractures in her lower spine. Coroner Richard Taylor later told that the accused cannot be charged for criminal offense, though in normal cases, report is directly sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Moreover, families of both the women are being given suitable support.