Thousands gathered at Trafalgar Square to highlight food waste

Thousands gathered at Trafalgar Square to highlight food wasteThousands of people on Friday gathered in London at Trafalgar Square to become a part of the Feeding the 5000 event, which aimed encouraging households and businesses to reduce food waste.

Organized by Friends of Earth, the initiative highlighted the problem of food wastage at a time when thousands of people are starving across the globe.

According to the recently released official figures, an average British household wastes £680 worth of food annually. In total, British household, supermarkets and others waste £22 billion worth of food per year.

Before the start of the event, more than 300 volunteers donated their time to wash, peel, chop, cook and serve the delicious curry prepared from the waste that would otherwise have been wasted.

Stuart, the author of Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal, said, "We can do it together. People can say 'I'm going to cut food waste' and business will do the same and it can become a shared responsibility."

Friends of Earth campaigners dressed up as pigs, and demonstrated how food waste can be reduced by recycling it on farms, instead of burying it in landfill.

Campaigners called for legally allowable surplus food to be diverted to feed animals.