Anti-Flu Jab Being Taken by NHS Staff

flu-jabIt has been revealed in a recent report that nurses are coming forward in their venture to stand up for the anti-flu jab cause. They have answered to the call made by the health department for effective vaccination of NHS staff.

Nurses are getting the jab themselves to protect themselves as well as people around them from flu this year. It was previously announced by the health department that the flu this year might be particularly dangerous, and one and all need to get themselves protected against the same. The anti-flu jab would boost the immunity of a person and help them cope with the strong winter this year. People at the most risk of catching flu this season are the ones with a low immunity, or pregnant women as well as elderly people and children.

There is a need for everyone to fix their appointment with the physician and get the anti flu jab, to safeguard themselves from the flu.

Figures have revealed that 29% of the NHS staff from England came out to get the flu vaccination, which is more than double of the levels revealed last year, during the same time. It is essential that the NHS staff understand their duty of getting themselves vaccinated. This would mean safeguarding themselves from infection from patients, and vice versa.

“The seasonal flu vaccination is vital to help protect those people who are more susceptible to serious complications from flu”, revealed Ms. Swinson from East Dunbartonshire.

One needs to gets the anti-flu jab in order to stay away from the disease which has the potential of keeping them sick and in bed for weeks at a stretch.