Couples in Science Field at Risk of Having Autistic Children

Couples in Science Field at Risk of Having Autistic ChildrenAutism is a disease in which affected person is not able to communicate well and also faces problems when it comes to emoting. Level of problem could vary from mild to moderate.

Recently, Cambridge University has come forth with a thought process which has also become their hypothesis that parents who work in fields like math, science and engineering have increased chances of having an autistic child.

There is great possibility that partners who met in such professions could be a major reason of increase in autistic children. In order to prove their point, they have been enrolling partners, who are in such fields, and only when they come out with results, they would be able to say something in concrete.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, who is the Director of University's Autism Research Centre, said they have quite a few reasons on the basis of which they could claim that parents who work in fields of math, science and engineering are at quiet risk to have autistic child.

Not only these researchers, but there are other health experts as well who also find this reason to genuine. Experts supported their statement by citing an example.

They affirmed that California's Silicon Valley is full of couples who have met during their profession. There is majority of couples who are engineers, physicists and mathematicians and this place has shown maximum cases of autistic children.

With advent in time, people now settle down with same profession mates as they find increased compatibility and another reason is that earlier technical filed was something which was dominated by men but no longer.

Now, women are found in technical field and that is also a reason that both understand complexities of the trade and do not mind in settling down but proves taxing for their offspring