Food Allergen Inhibitor to Develop Soon

Food Allergen Inhibitor to Develop SoonAs per reports, nearly 8% of all children in US have specific food allergy which means one could find one child in every 25 children to have problem from one or the other food allergy.

Some of the common products which are allergic to children include milk, eggs, peanut butter and tree nuts, soy, wheat and shellfish. These allergens could differ from mild to serious allergy.

Children sometimes get adjusted to allergy and with advancement in age they get used to the product but sometimes the infection could become a serious case and there is no solution to the problem.

Health experts were of the view that they come across children whose immune system show resistance to allergens but in many cases, not only their good allergy remains but it also gets severe with passage of time.

In such cases, doctors are not able to judge the situation and 50% of the deaths that take place due to food poisoning occur in teenage. There is not much that parents could do, but they could make sure that their children do not have anything of which they are allergic to.

Not only the main ingredient, but they also has to spend some extra time at grocery store to look at ingredients list to make sure that the products they are going to buy does not has any allergen.

One more thing they could do is that if their children are too small then they could go to their schools and inform teachers and care takers about the product from which their children are having allergy.

Some time back, health experts were of the view that mothers should try to cook meals for their kids and should avoid anything from outside. Soon, an anti-allergen would be developed which would be able to control all types of allergies. Deakin University researchers are working on this project and they are quite sure they would be able to develop that inhibitor.