Yorkshire Health Dept. Opts Novel Plan to Promote Winter Safety

Yorkshire Health Dept. Opts Novel Plan to Promote Winter SafetyNot only one has to take care of winter flu jabs, but they should also keep in mind about the adverse reaction of winter and how it could become taxing for them.

South Yorkshire Health Chiefs opted for novel strategy to pass on this message. They brought fake ice flakes machine from which they created ice and passed on the message that it is very important to take good care of oneself in winters otherwise negligence could cost live as well.

Citing an example, health experts affirmed that 515 elderly people lost their lives in last extreme winters in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster. They also stressed on the idea that winter flu jab is also vital as 602 people lost their lives due to ignorance among which not only elderly but teenagers as young as 17-year-old lost their lives.

The Health Protection Agency has initiated a plan in which they have been asking those people, who get winter fuel allowance and would not mind if they give it to vulnerable and needy people.

Advices are also passed on to people as how one could remain warm in extreme winters. From clothing to what to eat, everything was included in those suggestions.

Anita Dobson, the NHS Barnsley public health specialist nurse was of the view: "The snow machine was really popular. It made people stop and ask about what we were doing".

Everyone above six months of age is eligible for winter flu vaccination and should be especially taken by pregnant women, elderly people, who are above 65 years and those who have been suffering from illnesses like asthma, diabetes and other chronic problems related to heart and immune system.

Yorkshire health data reveals that they have to think for such ideas so people could get aware about the problem and should get themselves protected from probable harm.