Report Exposes Collapsing Mental Health Services In The UK

Mental-HealthThe findings of a latest independent inquiry have exposed the collapsing mental health services across the United Kingdom and claimed that a huge number of people living with moderate to severe mental health conditions are putting their hard efforts in order to access most basic treatments.

The charity Mind has claimed that a majority of patients are not able to receive the needed care, even the emergency mental health care due to staffing problems as well as insufficient volume of available treatment.

While explaining the findings of the inquiry, the Chief Executive of Mind, Paul Farmer, said that patients living with mental health emergencies are pushed to climb huge waiting lists. “The sheer simplicity of what is missing shows that there is some way to go before all mental health services are delivering on the fundamentals of good care for people in mental distress”, added Paul Farmer while expressing disappointment over the figures.

During the research, the Mind has carried out assessment from autumn 2010 to summer 2011 along with a series of focus groups and acknowledged feedback from more than 400 patients and staff. However, the study has confessed to acknowledge several examples of better or excellent care.

Its report notified that there were examples of good and excellent care, but insisted that the overall outcome was not satisfactory. Besides this, the report has also highlighted a number of other related issues. During the research, several patients have expressed disappointment over the existing system and complained regarding a lack of access to talking therapies whereas the staff has notified about "stressed and overstretched" circumstances.

A psychiatrist has exposed a frightening truth that the unavailability of care and medications has increased the patient frustration and stimulated them to commit suicide. On the other hand, the Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow , has also applauded the report.