Two Nurses at Stafford Hospital Suspended After Death of a Patient

Stafford-HospitalIt has been recently revealed that two nurses from Stafford Hospital have been suspended because they were careless while providing care to patient and this has resulted in errors. The patient has passed away, and there are investigations being conducted to find the cause of death, to determine whether it was due to the fatal mistakes of the nurses.

The death of the patient was reported to the coroner, and further to the Police. There are now more tests going to be conducted to find the actual reason for death. The post mortem wasn’t apparently able to give clear answers about the impending questions.

The case was discussed by the Staffordshire NHS Trust board. The death had occurred on 13th October. The report about the same revealed that it might have been due to the carelessness of the staff members that there was the death of the patient.

They did not carry out the procedure of the hospital, which says that one nurse needs to give the medicine, while the other has to make sure that the procedure is carried out well.

“The two members of staff involved have been suspended from duty whilst the investigation is conducted. “This incident highlights the importance of staff following policy. Compliance is being monitored through increased supervision”, revealed the report.

The investigation will be able to reveal whether it has been due to the errors of the nurses, that there has been the death of the patient. It is essential to make sure about the cause of death, so that such cases are prevented in the future. Nurses as well as other hospital staff need to be alert all the time, so that such cases can be averted in the future.