Department of Health Publishes New Framework for the NHS

NHSThe Department of Health has released a new framework for the NHS in England as per which they have stressed on two points. They do not want that due to NHS cuts, patients should suffer and the quality of care should also not be compromised with.

There are many other guidelines as well which would get active from April next year. The document has detailed everything in detail that how could the government fulfill its responsibilities towards health service.

The document has also defined the roles and responsibilities of the government for 2012-13 and not only their responsibilities have been defined but the ways as well has been told that how could the government achieve those targets.

There have been many concerns that have been addressed by this report and one of the main issues is to achieve the £20bn savings target, which the NHS has to achieve in next couple of years. But while achieving this target, it is very important that the NHS should not compromise on two things, patients and care.

There is no doubt that the target is difficult to achieve but with ‘quality, innovation, productivity and prevention programme’ it could be achieved.

With advent of this new framework, it is expected that there would be some major changes in the NHS. But the Royal College of Nursing and other unions have raised their concerns, where they have affirmed that the NHS has been and would continue to make cuts in staff in order to achieve the targets.

The framework has also tried to sort out this problem as well as per new framework, senior doctors and patients advocates would be included in every decision that would be taken in the NHS.

Special trainings would also be given to handle patients who have been suffering from the advanced stages of dementia and patients would be trained to take care of themselves.