Home Delivery Not Recommended for First-Time Expectant Mothers

Home Delivery Not Recommended for First-Time Expectant MothersThe British Medical Journal has published a study claiming that home births are not as safe as hospital deliveries. Carried out by the two institutions, the Birthplace in England and the Oxford University, this study has tried to present the fact that has been repeated by doctors numerous times.

Risk increases many fold if expecting mother has to deliver child for the first time. Therefore, it has been recommended that first time mothers should work out things with doctors, and then decide which place is best for them to deliver their first child.

There are many complexities which a woman could face if she opts for home delivery as there could be oxygen deprivation or increased BP. These are common things during labour but could be taxing at home as proper equipments are not present at home as in hospitals or in maternity units.

There are chances that if mother deliver her first child he could suffer from numerous problems. Some of the main problems are stillbirth, death of baby in its first week, brain injuries, fractures and feces in the lungs.

Risk is one thing, which is present in everywhere, but researchers were of the view that serious emergencies do not take place if child has been born in hospitals.

As per the study, risk in home deliveries rise by 9.5 per 1,000 babies. But, if delivery is done in hospital then the risk is reduced to mere 3.5 in every 1,000 births.

One of the authors, Prof. Peter Brocklehurst was of the view woman should neither risk her life, nor that of her child by choosing home delivery. Brocklehurst said: "These results should reassure pregnant women that they can make informed decisions about where they'd most like the birth to happen".