Working Women Over 25 at Risk of Acne

Working Women Over 25 at Risk of AcneThere is no second thought that working women have a lot to manage, both in their family and then at office, but this could make them more at risk of skin problems. It has been told that women above the age of 25 are almost three times more likely to have acne as compared to men. Perhaps women are more sensitive as far as their skin is concerned.

It has been found by researchers from the Nantes University Hospital in France. There were of the view that though exact reason of adult acne is yet to be find out, women are more likely to face the consequences of work pressure on their face.

Issues of marks around the T-zone of forehead, nose and chin are mostly faced by teens, but women after they cross 25 are more likely to have deeper skin marks. There are nearly 85% women who face acne before and during their period.

However, there is a lot to know about that as it has been said that diet plays a vital role in making someone look more refreshing and young. There are nearly 20% women in the UK who are smokers and that make them even more at risk of facing such skin issues. It has been known that nicotine can stimulate the production of oily sebum and even reduce the amount of Vitamin E, which is vital for skin repair.

“It’s time to re-evaluate who we think gets acne. It’s not recognized enough how much it affects the lives of adult women”, said Susannah Baron, Consultant Dermatologist at Kent and Canterbury Hospital and the Chaucer BMI Hospital, who is of the opinion that there is need for women to take a breather to look deeper into their skin to accept that they have something to take care off.