Occasional Alcohol Could Reduce Cardio Risks

Occasional Alcohol Could Reduce Cardio RisksWhile it’s being said that alcohol does no good to anyone, it has been recently claimed that moderate consumption of the same is not that bad for heart health. It was told by Heart UK, the cholesterol charity, that having one to three units of alcohol per day could reduce risk of coronary heart disease.

It has been found that moderate consumption can push the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood and that’s required to keep one healthy. Though excess of anything is bad, there is no issue if someone consumes alcohol occasionally.

It has been said and proved many a times that excess of alcohol could escalate risk of health diseases, but having regulated amount of the same could be healthy for heart. Published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, the study has once again brought about the issue of alcohol in light.

Moreover, it has been said that there are fair chances that beverages rich in polyphenols, such as red grapes and juices, are lot better than others. However, there is no concrete proof for the same.

It has been recommended to those with high cholesterol that they can have occasional drink, but beyond a certain point of consumption, things could go awry for them. If asked to Linda Main, a nutritionist and dietician for Heart UK, it has been said that moderate alcohol consumption is good for heart health.

If the British Heart Foundation is to be referred to: patients having high cholesterol must avoid food with a lot saturated fat, else they could fall victim to a genetic condition called familial hyperlipidaemia.

Having healthy diet combined with regular exercise could do wonders in life of people and even it can reduce risk of many health concerns. One can take alcohol also but it’s advisable to have it in regulated amount.